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Ansley Hoke

Deploying only one solution to streamline mobility? It’s possible, with Zebra.

End-user customers experience an assortment of technology challenges in their workplaces. They need their employees to be mobile and nimble while staying connected to everyone in the business—whatever that business may be. Workers being tied to their desk phones for communication no longer is an option. Collaboration not only is required inside the brick-and-mortar walls, but also between multiple facilities in the same country and around the globe. Devices must be reliable, and workers need to know, in real time, when those devices are experiencing technical problems—so IT departments can fix them promptly and limit as much downtime as possible.

For these reasons and many more, businesses must have a unified, mobile-communications solution that integrates strong voice and data functionality. Modular, customizable solutions are required now more than ever, to allow these devices to connect from wherever they’re located. Employers want operations that continue to run efficiently and cost-effectively. Now, with help from just one mobility solution—and by implementing the computers they already use—workers can engage with customers and co-workers while continuing to accomplish their daily activities with few disruptions. Before we tell you what that is, let’s first look at the specific, end-user customers that can benefit from such a solution, and the challenges they face.

For retail store managers and staff, delays in receiving customers’ calls can negatively affect the overall customer experience. But carrying multiple devices around the store isn’t a viable answer to that dilemma, because sometimes those devices are misplaced or lost. And employees repeatedly messaging each other over the store’s PA system can be extremely distracting and annoying to customers.

In healthcare, nurses, doctors, and other medical staff often are unable to return calls immediately, which can be downright deleterious to patient care. And the current solutions deployed—sometimes requiring the use of multiple devices—often make it extremely difficult to reach the appropriate medical personnel in an emergency, when there literally is no time to waste.

For manufacturers, their shift supervisors, line or machine operators, maintenance technicians, plant managers, engineers, and security and safety personnel often are challenged by delays in getting input from critical staff members. Again, carrying around several devices—especially during very long shifts—increases the risk that one will get misplaced. And that simple oversight can mean a costly delay in conveying dangerous safety issues to everyone potentially affected.

In transportation and logistics, shift supervisors, forklift operators, receiving, picking and shipping personnel, security and safety personnel, and airline-gate desk workers not having access to the mobile communication they need often means waiting by a desk phone for someone to call them back—or straining to understand a garbled message delivered over a PA system. Who hasn’t been frustrated trying to comprehend announcements at airports, for example? Employees in transportation and logistics aren’t immune to the same exasperation and, in their case, this lack of clear communication can be costly.

If your end customers are expressing similar concerns and challenges to these, Zebra has a solution. It’s called Workforce Connect Powered by Zebra Savanna and it allows users to add powerful voice and messaging features to Zebra mobile computers they might already own. Featuring services like push-to-talk (PTT), text messaging, and the ability to enable a Zebra mobile computer also to function as a mobile, PBX desk phone—Workforce Connect Powered by Zebra Savanna allows workers to perform all their tasks on only ONE device. Customers can fully integrate voice and data workflows and cut down the steps needed for their employees to finish just about any job. And, because these solutions are modular and customizable, they easily can be customized for specific workers and industries.

Workforce Connect PTT Pro provides workers one-to-one, site-to-site, and group push-to-talk services over cellular and Wi-Fi networks—ensuring they stay connected wherever they’re located. It works with select Zebra devices, consumer Android, and Apple iOS and is a secure, cloud-based solution that allows an entire workforce to connect simply by pressing a button. Just activate service and any devices with the PTT Pro client installed are ready to go. And business budgets benefit from the solution’s flat, low, monthly, per-person cost.

The processing of data is moving to each employee’s devices at the edge of your customers’ networks, so using the power of edge-data is vital to them staying ahead of their competition. Show them how best to utilize and manage their edge devices. With Zebra Signature Services, deploy edge-data solutions that help increase your customers’ business productivity while maximizing performance and uptime. Add Zebra Visibility Services for analytics that can help customers maximize ROI. And don’t forget using the right supplies can affect printhead lifespan and how the printer operates. Zebra Certified Supplieslike IQ color and dissolvable labels—are pretested to ensure enhanced, consistent performance.

When you’re ready to deliver industry-leading solutions and services that will address the challenges your customers face—now and in the future—contact ScanSource first. We have the products you need on hand and ready to ship, for your convenience. ScanSource’s expertise is unparalleled, and we’re always eager to help you and your customers create the right solution.