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Q1 2015 Trip

Winners enjoyed a fun and relaxing trip to the historic Inn on Biltmore Estate.

"The trip to Biltmore Estate was absolutely incredible -- not only the amazing location, but equally wonderful was meeting great people from ScanSource and ShoreTel, as well as the other partners. Everything was great: the amenities, touring the estate, walking through the beautiful gardens, and the food and entertainment made for an event that we will always remember. I am so glad to have been a part of it, and truly look forward to staying in touch with everyone we met. Thank you for a fun, relaxing, and memorable trip!"

Shaun Maulding, Sound Incorporated

Q1 2015 Trip Winners

  • Moss
  • Advantage Technology
  • Starnet
  • Sound

Q1 2015 MDF Winners

  • Sonoran
  • Calnet
  • Sirus
  • Eastern Datacom

Q2 2015 Trip

We had a great time in Cape Cod for the business-building trip with our Q2 winners. We stayed at the elegant and tranquil Wequassett Resort, where our partners, ScanSource executives, and ShoreTel executives enjoyed networking time.

"The trip to Cape Cod was fantastic from beginning to end. ScanSource did a remarkable job ensuring every detail was perfect. The resort was top notch, the restaurant picks were all great, and the activities and nightlife were a blast. Spending a few days with a smaller group of ScanSource, ShoreTel, and other partner executives was also hugely valuable. This was one of the most beneficial trips I've taken this year, from a business perspective as well. Big thanks to both ScanSource, ShoreTel, and the folks who represent them for making this a trip to remember!"

Jason Michels, AGC Networks

Q2 2015 Trip Winners

  • AGC Networks, BCS (Business Communications Specialists)
  • All Phase Communications, CSG (Convergent Solutions Group)

Q2 2015 MDF Winners

  • Soluvista
  • Hi Country
  • Comm Solutions
  • Richline Information Tech
  • Converged Networks (SC)

Q3 2015 Trip

Our Q3 trip was "elevating"! We had a fun time networking in Napa Valley for the business-building trip with our Q3 winners. Especially thrilling was the hot-air-balloon ride with our partners and execs from ScanSource Communications and ShoreTel. We took in the beauty of wine country, for an experience that was truly Beyond Expectations.

"What a fantastic event! 'Beyond Expectations' describes it perfectly. Thank you, ScanSource and ShoreTel! How was it 'Beyond Expectations'? Well, the trip was so well-organized, fun, interesting, and awesome! My wife and I enjoyed ourselves immensely! Rarely do you get an opportunity to have an experience that is so well done that you could describe it as carefree, but that is the best way to describe the event from our perspective. However, behind that carefree ease in which the whole trip unfolded, I know that ScanSource and ShoreTel worked hard to deliver an excellent trip and memory for us. When you add the opportunity to meet, in a very small group, with Rich Long, Sam Koury and the other ShoreTel partners, and discuss the important business issues of the day -- well, that’s really the icing on the cake. Copper State Communications alignment and commitment to ScanSource and ShoreTel were really strengthened by the trip because of the informal setting, allowing us to get to know one another, share perspectives and best practices. Thanks so very much!"

Steve Sutton, President, Copper State Communications, Inc.

Q4 2015 Trip

Trip winners headed to Wyoming and enjoyed the world-renowned Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole. With a mountain backdrop for lodging and dining, the resort enjoys sharing America’s greatest wilderness playground with its guests!  Winners enjoyed the beauty of Jackson Hole took advantage of this great opportunity to network and build their business with executives from ShoreTel and ScanSource.

"Not to be cliché, but Beyond Expectations was far beyond my expectations. Everything was absolutely first class. Beautiful location, great hotel, fabulous food and fun activities. It was also a great opportunity to get to know three other ShoreTel partners from around the country and interact with representatives from ScanSource and ShoreTel with whom I otherwise don’t get much opportunity to interact. Overall just a terrific event. I hope I win again!"

Scott Strochak, CEO Xtelesis

Q4 2015 Trip Winners

  • Affant Communication
  • Nascent Hub
  • Verteks
  • Xtelesis

Q4 2015 MDF Winners

  • Affiliated
  • Corporate Data and Voice
  • Call One
  • Advanced Telecommunications