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Q1 2016

The Q1 2016 trip was held on May 19 – May 22, 2016 at the fabulous Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, CA. Pelican Hill is one of those places where time slows down. On this trip, winners experienced firsthand the benefits of intimate networking quality time with top ShoreTel and ScanSource executive team members.

"Thank you for the exceptional weekend at Pelican Hill. Not only were the accommodations “beyond expectations” but the company was as well. It was especially nice to meet some of the other ShoreTel partners, share stories and concerns and to find that both ShoreTel and ScanSource are receptive to partner suggestions."

Lynda Esposito, Call One

Q1 2016 Trip Winners

  • Harbor Networks
  • Priority Communications
  • IK Electric
  • Call One

Q1 2016 MDF Winners

  • Synergetics
  • JM Mills

Q2 2016

Four partners experienced the incredible scenery and amenities found at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island from September 15, 2016 to September 18, 2016. This luxurious oceanfront hotel served as a relaxing environment in which to recharge, and build business relationships with top ShoreTel and ScanSource executives.

"I thought the trip was terrific. The combination of the beautiful setting at Kiawah Island, the attention to detail of all of the arrangements, the generosity of ScanSource and ShoreTel in the package they provided, the access to top executives from both ShoreTel and ScanSource, and the friendliness and instant comradery of the other partners made this a trip well worth the time. My wife and I could not have enjoyed it more. ScanSource knows how to reward their partners who achieve this level of success. I’m cracking the whip up here in hopes of winning another trip sometime soon!"

Al Harnisc, Eastern Datacomm

Q2 2016 Trip Winners

  • Affiliated Telephone
  • Business Communications Specialists
  • Dataprise, Inc.
  • Eastern Datacomm

Q2 2016 MDF Winners

Two partners have won $5,000 in MDF funds that can be used through a Marketing Program through ShoreTel (Funnel Factory Lead Nurturing program or Connect Onsite), Marketing Program through ScanSource, or can provide a proposal on what they would like to utilize funds for.

  • Layer 3 Communications
  • Sonoran Integrations

Q3 2016

Four partners joined ScanSource Communications and ShoreTel executives in the Big Apple, and let us help them take their business to the top floor! Winners got to network with other partners to learn best business practices, enjoy fine dining and a famous Broadway show, attend a business-building meeting, and more! Our Q3 winners deserved the royal treatment, so we put them up at The Pierre. This Five-Star luxury hotel has played host to royalty and titans of industry, and now it has hosted our most dedicated ShoreTel resellers.

"The opportunity in a small-group setting to discuss and review the upcoming plans of ScanSource and ShoreTel will have a significant impact on our short- and long-term plans at Peak. The quality time spent with ScanSource and ShoreTel leadership was invaluable."

Gordon Martin, Peak UpTime

Q3 2016 Trip Winners

  • Technolink of the Rockies
  • Peak UpTime
  • Advanced Telecommunications of Illinois, Inc.
  • Clear Choice Telephones, Inc.

Q3 2016 MDF Winners

  • Matrix Communications
  • Utilicomm Solutions

Q4 2016 Trip Winners

  • Altitude Communications
  • Blue Fox Group
  • Telecomp Computer Services
  • Van Ausdall & Farrar, Inc.

Q4 2016 MDF Winners

  • Verteks Consulting
  • CommTech Industries

Q4 2016

Our Q4 2016 trip, held March 2 - 5, 2017, took us to the fabulous Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe. Our winners got to breathe in the fresh mountain air and hear from top ScanSource and ShoreTel executive team members. They shared strategies and resources vital to succeeding in key communications markets. Those in attendance walked away from this quality networking time with a new outlook on their business.

"I want to express what a meaningful trip this was for me and for Altitude Communications. The experience was 5 Stars which is no surprise as it was hosted by a 5 Star partner. Having the opportunity to meet with the executives from ScanSource, ShoreTel, and partner peers was a great way to spend the first morning. I got exactly what I was looking for, transparency, honesty, and open dialogue about what was meaningful to my business. The resort was stunning, the food was world class. I can't say thank you enough for providing an adventure that was way Beyond Expectations!"

Marshall Anderson, Altitude Communications