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Q1 & Q2 2017

Our Q1 and Q2 trip was held in September 2017. Our recent winners enjoyed a trip to the elbow of Cape Cod, at the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. Here, they mingled with ScanSource and ShoreTel executive team members for an unforgettable three days. Along with a top-notch, business-building meeting designed to help them take their business to the next level, partners enjoyed a private tour of Nantucket and a ferry ride.

"The Beyond Expectations business building trip was invaluable. The combination of mingling with our peers across the country and learning about their successes and challenges were both eye opening and confirming. The business meeting portion was refreshing, as the executives present were not only approachable, but eager to hear our feedback and encouraged a very candid conversation. We saw them furiously making notes as we brainstormed with them to assist in creating greater success for everyone. It truly was a partnership discussion and we were extremely encouraged by the participation. Last but not least, the venue, the activities, and the food were top notch! What a privilege to be part of this event!"

Diane S. Smith, ChoiceTel/ChoiceCyberAdd

Q1 & Q2 Trip Winners

  • Barry Communications
  • Choice Telecommunications
  • LANtelligence
  • Morefield Communications

Q1 & Q2 MDF Winners

  • Affiliated Telephone
  • Moss Telecommunications

Q1 & Q2 Blue Bash Winners

  • Electrical Sales Corporation
  • Hi Country Wire and Telephone
  • Sage Technology Solutions

Q3 & Q4 2017

Our Q3 and Q4 trip was held in March 2018. Recent winners enjoyed a trip to the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

"Thank you for an incredible event and the planning that went on behind the scenes! Everything was top notch, from the resort to the restaurants to the activities to the thoughtful gifts, and the Executive Meeting Friday morning. I couldn’t imagine a single thing that could have been done better. You guys rock!"

Brian Brunette, VP Of Operations, Global CTI

Q3 & Q4 Trip Winners

  • Communications Resources Incorporated
  • Datamart Inc.
  • Global CTI Group
  • Mercury Communication Services Inc.

Q3 & Q4 MDF Winners

  • Blue Fox Group
  • Tri Tec Communications, Inc.

Q3 & Q4 Blue Bash Winners

  • Corporate Data and Voice Solutions, Inc.
  • SoluVista
  • Pacific States Communications of Nevada, Inc.