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Q2 2018

Our Q2 trip was held in September 2018 in Santa Barbara, California. Our winners enjoyed a relaxing time at The Ritz-Carlton Bacara. During their three-day stay, they were able to network with ScanSource and Mitel executives, and experience a top-of-the-line, business-building meeting to help them increase their business success. While there, they also enjoyed a private catamaran sail.

"Thank you for the time and experience. We had a wonderful time meeting everyone. It was well done and quite impressive. I really do appreciate the relationship and spirit of candidness and, moreover, the attitude to improve our relationship together. It was hard to pinpoint the best part."
Joe Rittenhouse, Converged Technology Professionals

Q2 Trip Winners

  • Blue Violet
  • CNP
  • Converged Technology Professionals
  • Inflow
  • IPC
  • Unified Technologies

Q2 MDF Winners

  • Open Systems – Pittsburgh
  • Norcom Communications

Q2 Blue Bash Winners

Q2 Blue Bash Winners

  • Tuck Communications Services
  • LANAIR Group
  • Enterprise Systems Corporation
  • DataComm Networks
  • Premises Systems Inc.

ScanSource Business-Trip Winner

  • All-Mode

Q3 2018

In Q3, our winners visited the state where ScanSource is headquartered—South Carolina. During their wonderful, three-day getaway at Montage Palmetto Bluff, they enjoyed some relaxation while building on existing business relationships and creating new ones. They consulted team members, networked together, and even ventured out to discover the wildlife of South Carolina.

“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to ScanSource and Mitel’s executive team for an amazing time at Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. We enjoyed the entire experience, from business-networking meetings to sharing ideas that will help us all grow in the future. The event and agenda were well organized, with the perfect balance of learning, sharing ideas, and being able to socialize with the entire team. It was nice to have ScanSource and Mitel listen to our thoughts and concerns with a focus on growth for all business partners. I look forward to future trips with ScanSource, Mitel, and business partners.”

Jim Rabbitt, Partners Technology

Q3 Trip Winners

  • IntelesysOne, Inc
  • Partners Technology
  • Gregg Communications
  • IDeACOMM Networks
  • Moss
  • Network South

Q3 Blue Bash Winners

  • Ameritel
  • Tri-Tec Communications, Inc
  • Verge Network
  • Teleswitch
  • Dominion
  • The Brookfield Group

Q3 MDF Winners

  • Eastern Datacomm
  • BCS

ScanSource Business-Trip Winner

  • TBD

Q4 2018

Beaver Creek, Colorado was the destination for our Q4 2018 Beyond Expectations trip. Our six lucky winners spent their time at Bachelor Gulch Resort in Beaver Creek, where they enjoyed delicious food, explored the snow-covered sights on snowmobiles, and had a valuable business-building meeting with top executives.

“What makes this trip different than any other I have attended is the intimacy of the event. Not only can you discuss the challenges of the UC business in an open forum with other owners and executives, you can do so in a small enough forum that you also get a glimpse into some of the more personal aspects of running a business. In addition, to be able to share that with your spouse is gratifying in that they get to enjoy the experience too.”

Jay Marzullo, Milner Technologies

Q4 Trip Winners

  • Milner Technologies
  • Chesapeake Telephone Systems
  • AGC Networks
  • Marco Technologies
  • Packet Fusion
  • VLCM Tech

Q4 ScanSource Trip Winners

  • Consolidated Technology Solutions

Q4 2018 Blue Bashes

  • TAG Solutions
  • All-Mode Communications
  • Xtelesis
  • BSB Communications
  • Protel Communications
  • Communications Engineering (CEC)

Q4 2018 $2500 Marketing Funds

  • Copper State Communications
  • Converged Technology