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Shorter lead times, easy configurations.
We see your future with Toshiba standard models. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when your next order will ship? Toshiba has made it easy with pre-configured terminals. We’ve taken the guess work out of ordering and made it simple and fast. Your sales rep can help you choose which model best suits your needs. 

Reliable configurationsorder, ship, install.
No need for special bids or solution bundles. These easy-to-order, pre-configured terminals are readily available today. Even better, our standard models are often higher-performance terminals at a lower price.

Benefits to you:
Saves you money
Easy ordering
Shorter lead times 
Competitive price         

Reliability you expect in a brand you trust.
Standard models include TCx300, SP500, and WAVE Models. Add peripherals and Global Care Flex to the standard model, and you have a winning combination. 


One source. Countless advantages. 
We’ve designed Global Care Flex and Global Care Flex Custom—our configurable and customizable hardware maintenance services—to make choosing the right plan fast and easy.

Multi-level maintenance plans to keep your business up and running. 
Global Care Flex gives you the option of selecting a simple, pre-defined maintenance service that can be purchased along with the hardware, or as your environment changes during the warranty or post-warranty period.

Broaden your service capabilities with our nationwide supportworking together as one team.
When day-to-day issues arise, we are well-equipped to handle them—swiftly and seamlessly, 24/7, 9x5, same day, or next business day—you choose the service that fits your needs. Our trained technicians and stocked service vans provide reliable, cost-effective, and flexible maintenance support for your environment.

*Only Authorized Toshiba Business Partners can purchase Toshiba Products. Customers completing this form under Become a Partner is just the first step in becoming Toshiba Authorized, and that in no way guarantees that they will be approved as a reseller by Toshiba.